About Recast Studios:



So, you just inherited jewelry from your loved one, and while there is no questioning your adoration for them, your style is a completely different story.  Rather than let the jewelry sit in a drawer, why not turn it into something that you can wear daily?  Because, let’s face it, they gave you the jewelry to enjoy and wear and, well, that’s what jewelry is for, right? 

At Recast Studios, we are happy to help you turn that piece into a treasured staple in your own collection.  First and foremost, we understand that inherited jewelry can come with history, stories, and most of all, emotions.  Often, a piece comes with personal significance and a feeling of obligation to keep it, but many times we find the piece is not our style and it just sits in a drawer, unworn.  Why not use the materials and turn that heirloom into something you can wear daily, to honor your loved-one and add to the story?

I did this myself with my Great Grandmother’s 1920-styled ring.  She, being a hard-working farm house engineer (aka Stay at home Momma), had thinned down the band and broken the shank.  For years, I admired the ring where it sat, unworn, in my mother’s jewelry box.  Finally, when I started Heather J Studios, I asked my mom for the ring.  I knew I would never wear the ring as it was, so I took the stones and designed a necklace that I wear daily, a design I sell on this website.

We know from personal experience that the jewelry we inherit can be a valued heirloom with an important story to tell.  So let us help you take it from past to present, creating a new piece to wear and cherish for years to come, while honoring your loved-one and those sentimental memories.  

But where do you start?  Maybe you don’t know what you want or what is even possible.  That’s why I am here.  I will help guide you through the process and assist you with the design (but please know, there will be homework 😉).  I love working one-on-one with customers and will be honored to help transform that treasure to suit your unique style.