About Heather J. Studios

Design art for various jewelry designs


Heather J. Studios offers handmade art and jewelry by artist and jewelry designer Heather Johnson. You're sure to find some art to brighten the atmosphere of any room or maybe you will find a little something to adorn yourself. Heather’s jewelry line is always evolving with fun and fresh designs that have a casual, yet chic, edge. While her love of color and thinking outside the box drives her art. So take a peek, you may just find something special.

 Artist. Jewelry Designer. Maker of Things.

"To make a short story longer I guess you could say I'm a jewelry designing prankster, goofball, lip-sync aficionado, artist, aspiring BBQ grill master, salsa connoisseur, swimmer, paddler, puppy dog lover, sunshine enthusiast, family bound, west coast lovin' kinda gal who always has some Aloha to share."

So, as you may have guessed, my name is Heather. I am the owner, artist, jewelry designer and maker of things behind the name. I started Heather J. Studios in 2013 after returning home to Washington. I had been working in the jewelry industry since 2005 and realized it was finally time to stop talking about starting my own business and start doing it. So, I did. I am also a life-long lover of the beach, self diagnosed artist and jewelry addict. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest in Port Townsend, Washington to be exact. Anyone who knows PT knows the community is a huge supporter of the arts and local craftsmen. I attended college in Hawai'i, which will always hold a special place in my heart and as you can tell it’s a great source of influence, in my first jewelry line, as well. I also lived in California which only confirms that I'm a west coast lovin' gal who's happiest at the water’s edge gearing up to do a killer cannon ball into the big blue wet thing, chillin' with my toes in the sand or burying my paddle into the surf. My love for the ocean has provided me with an abundance of inspiration that I am able to incorporate into the design of my jewelry and artwork. I'll never have a lack of creativity as long as there is sun in the sky, waves to be ridden and family and friends to share it with.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my verbal ramblings. I hope you enjoy the visual ones, too.  
Thanks & Aloha,